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March 25, 2018 Palm Sunday Reflection

Was there something that struck you in the face, in the heart, or in the guts as you listened to the Passion reading today?

Was it the cunning malice of the chief priests and scribes who were seeking by some trick to kill Jesus?

Was it the touching scene of the woman who poured the exquisite ointment over the head of Jesus?

Was it Jesus’ forceful defense of the woman’s act of love?

Was it perhaps, perhaps, the juxtaposition of this woman’s love with the betrayer, Judas, who offered to ‘hand Jesus over’ to his enemies?

Were you perhaps touched by the image of Jesus, seated at table with his beloved Twelve?

Was it Jesus’ sudden announcement that there was a traitor among them, or the distress of his other Apostles?

Maybe you were struck by the ‘First Mass’ Jesus celebrated with his beloved ones?

Were you touched by Peter’s promise of faithfulness to death – and then his almost immediate denial of his Lord and  Master?

Was it the contrast between the Lord in agony in the Garden of Gethsemane and the sleeping Peter, James and John?

Was it the infamous kiss of Judas, a kiss which broke the heart of Jesus?

Perhaps it was the humiliation of being set upon with swords and clubs, as though he were a common criminal?

Maybe it was the sight of all his Apostles running away which struck you deeply?

Was it the mock trials Jesus was put through, trials whose outcome had already been decided?

Maybe you were moved most by the humiliation and torture Jesus was put through?

Was it Pilate’s cowardice, knowing him to be innocent and still handing him over?

Or was it the crowds without evidence who relied on noise and numbers to get their way?

Could it be that the image of the Crucified Lord of the Universe was the thing that moved you most?

What touched me most are two things: that he was innocent and that he was silent.

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